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Price:   $ 182.95  

What makes the EROSCILLATOR 2 Top Deluxe so unique ?
The Eroscillator is not a vibrator. It provides a totally unique, gentle "oscillating" motion which moves naturally and softly from side to side rather than up and down like a vibrator. The sensation is radically different. More erotic. More sensual.
The result ? In tests conducted in Europe and in the United States, women consistently reported that the Eroscillator helped them to achieve exciting, intense immensely satisfying orgasms with little or no effort.

neweros2_vert.gif (8539 bytes) fl.gif (180 bytes) It's specifically designed to meet your need - so you experience maximum sexual enjoyment !

Most machines on the market were designed as back, shoulder and/or scalp massagers. Not the Eroscillator. It is ultra lightweight - less than half the weight and size of ordinary vibrators. So it's never uncomfortable or cumbersome to use. The Eroscillator is virtually noiseless and its innovative design is streamline, functional and easier to handle. Even the unique head attachments are special. Silky smooth to the touch, it's unlike any other.

The Eroscillator also provides a complete booklet of detailed instructions to help you achieve exciting fulfilling orgasms. Ordinary vibrators provide no instructions for use as a genital stimulator. They weren't designed for that use.

    fl.gif (180 bytes) More freedom of movement.

    The Eroscillator can be angled up to 60 degrees (versus only 3-5 degrees for vibrators). That's important because it means you have greater freedom of movement yet are able to maintain pinpoint stimulation.
    When you have a smaller angle of operation, the machine can slide off of the clitoris or desired area easily, thus forcing you to go from a mid-point of arousal back to the beginning. With the Eroscillator there's no chance you'll have to start all over again !

      You get constant power that never wears down.

      The Eroscillator is electrically operated delivering  3600 constant soothing, stimulating movements per minute. No wonder women rave about it.
      Unlike battery operated vibrators, the Eroscillator can't wear down when it's most inconvenient.

        It's a quality product. Engineered in Switzerland.

        Vibrators which are inexpensively designed and produced lack many important benefits and safety features. Many of them become very hot to handle within 10-15 minutes of use . Not the Eroscillator. Seven years and several million dollars where spent in the development of the Eroscillator motor. Engineered in Switzerland. The Eroscillator is so unique it's protected by several U.S. patents, two patents pending and numerous international patents.

          Orgasms and the EROSCILLATOR®
          The Eroscillator Official Web Site If you are already Orgasmic :

          You will learn how to become fully orgasmic with the aid of the Eroscillator®
          You will achieve faster, easier and better orgasms.

          The Eroscillator® attachements are ideal to locate and stimulate your Erotic points.

            The Eroscillator Official Web Site If you are not Orgasmic :

            This is only overwhelmingly due to insufficient training of the vaginal-clitoral system to respond to stimulation with that natural reflex that gives so much pleasure.
            For most women, all they need to do to become orgasmic is to provide the clitoris and the clitoral area with the necessary erotic stimulation that will bring on the orgasm.
            So, you can help "mother nature" out more than a little bit by using the Eroscillator.

              More information are contained in the booklet included with every Eroscillator.

              The pounding of vibrators
              the gentle oscillations of the EROSCILLATOR(R)


              Comparaisons between the EROSCILLATOR(R) and vibrators



              Features Eroscillator Wand Pistol Grip Phallux
              Endorsement by Professionals:
              Sexologist (Dr. Ruth) and New York City  University professor (Louis Lieberman Ph. D)
              Yes No No No
              Movement from side to side with no pounding up and down (unique feature which causes intense satisfaction) Yes No No No
              Number of Oscillations / min. 3600 None None None
              Unique attachments for different pleasures Yes No No PH
              Adjustable to 3 intensity levels Yes No No No
              Power (constant) 14 V 120 V 120 V Battery
              100% safe (no risk of electrical shock) Yes No No Yes
              Water Proof Yes No No No
              Clean under tap water Yes No No No
              Extra-Long cord Yes No No  
              Can be used for body massage Yes Yes Yes No
              Produces intense multiple orgasms Yes No No No
              Intensity of Orgasm High Average Average Low
              Unique Psycho-Sensory Benefits Yes No No No
              Continuous R & D Yes No No No
              Guarantee 1 year 1 year None None
              Price range $99 $60-80 $40-60 $30-200
              Includes a Primer on Self-Pleasuring by Dr. Ruth Yes No No No
              Total number of "Yes" responses 13 1 1 1
              Dr Ruth's Tips


              The Eroscillator Official Web Site After you are familiar with the many different sensations that the Eroscillator can give you, bring your partner in on it. Most partners love to use the Eroscillator on their loved one when they see the great pleasure that it brings.

              The Eroscillator Official Web Site Woman who knows how to pleasure herself can teach the art to a lover.

              The Eroscillator Official Web Site You need to create the physical and psychological mood that makes you feel secure and psychologically turned on before you begin to use the Eroscillator.

              You can create a more sensual mood by :
              • first taking a bubble bath
              • lying down on dark satin sheets
              • using lowered lighting or low wattage red bulbs or candlelight
              • sipping a glass of wine or nibbling on a delicious piece of chocolate
              • listenning to your favorite music in the background, and,
              • above all, fantasize, and fantasize!

              The Eroscillator Official Web Site As you practice with your Eroscillator, build up in your mind a repertoire of erotic images or short vignettes of erotic fantasies and keep your mind focused on these fantasies.
              Let yourself go!

              Question to Dr Ruth Westheimer ?


              SEX TOYS FOR MEN?

              Q. You recommend the Eroscillator, the vibrating "sex toy," for women, but do you have any suggestions for men?

              A. We recommend Ooh-la-la!™ A radically new kind of Vibrator for the gay Community.

              Click here For More Information On Ooh-la-la!™


              A Flabbergasmic™ product
                   nature_glide_square.gif (4993 bytes)
              NatureGlide® is a Swiss Made, Water-based, condom compatible - long lasting personal lubricant with natural plant Glycerin base that delivers a Flabbergasmic™ experience. The ideal companion for your Ooh-la-la™ sex toy

              Price:  $15.95     

              A Wonderful unique Product, a letter from Dr Ruth
              Dear Internet Surfer and Searcher,

              drruth.jpg (2108 bytes) I'd like to let you in on a little secret. Despite the fact that in movies and books, women seem to have no problem achieving orgasms (and fantastic, multiple ones at that), the truth is that many women have a great variety of problems when it comes to orgasms.

              Some women experience orgasms rarely or never. Most cannot climax simply through intercourse alone but need direct clitoral stimulation.

              If you are not used to the direct way in which I approach this topic, please excuse me, but I am always frank. It's the best way to communicate. On radio and television, I tell women to seek professional help if they are having difficulties reaching orgasm. In my private practice, the advice I give most often to women is that they have to be able to bring themselves to orgasm before they can expect to do so with a partner. (of course, if a woman has strong personal or religious beliefs against self stimulation, my advice to her is different).

              One therapeutic approach that I recommend frequently to women who would benefit from it, is the use of a vibrator.

              A vibrator used during masturbation can almost always give a woman an orgasm. That does not mean that fingers or running water or other methods don't work, only that vibrators are more effective. This is very useful, particularly for those just learning how to masturbate.

              Recently I discovered a new vibrator in France called the EROSCILLATOR. Actually it is not a vibrator as it oscillates rather than vibrates. but technical details are not so important to me as the fact that the EROSCILLATOR is more comfortable to use, absolutely safe and very, very effective.

              This Web Site gives you all the details about this wonderful product. I just want to let you know that you should not feel uneasy about using a vibrator to masturbate or to help your partner bring you to orgasm. In general, I do not like mechanical things,( I still cannot operate my VCR) but with the EROSCILLATOR, I definitely think the advantages far outweigh any hesitation you might have putting a machine "down there."

              The EROSCILLATOR really can make your sex life better. To my way of thinking, anything that accomplishes that goal is worth its weight in gold.

              Please read all the information around here.. And then decide for yourself. One more thing. If you need to fantasize that the reason you are ordering an EROSCILLATOR is because you came to see me and I told you to use one - go ahead ! Imagination is the most important tool for a good sex life. The EROSCILLATOR follows close behind.

              Enjoy yourself,


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                The ULTRA SOFT FINGER TIP™            Price:    $33.95
                usft.jpg (2339 bytes)

                The Ultra-Soft Finger Tip for the softest and most sensual touch. This is a very, very special and also unique instrument to be used preferably in conjuction with the Swiss Formula & Swiss made intimate lubricant "NatureGlide™".

                Ref : E2T/USF


                ThQe Ultra Soft Finger Tip™


                Worlwide usage : for the traveller the Eroscillator 2 offers the additional facility of interchangeability of the Cord set and Step-down converter.

                Price: $45.95   Europe - 230V.         Price: $45.95  USA 120V.

                :                                                    QQQQQ

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                The only sensual product ever recommended and sponsored by Dr Ruth K. Westheimer.
                eros2_45.gif (7275 bytes) 1 University tested

                2. Does not irritate (healthy tissues)

                3. 3 levels of intensity from gentle to intense, to fulfil all needs. 3600 steady oscillations every minute

                4. Constant power. Never wears down when most inconvenient. Can be reused at all times, whenever desired.

                5. Device cord 100% safe. No risk of electrical shock. (14 volt).

                6. The device (not the step down converter 120V -> 14V) is washable under running water and completely waterproof.

                7. Dr. Ruth "Primer on Self Pleasuring" included with every Eroscillator 2.

                8. Only the Top Deluxe is equiped with 6 heads/4 attachements.

                to complement your Eroscillator Classic

                (all of them included in the Top Deluxe Model)
                To give more pleasure to the user and this by use of a new bio compatible, flexible and sliding material covers the entire instrulments heads.

                6heads.jpg (6613 bytes)

                1 : The French Legionnaire's Moustache™
                2 : The Seven Pearls of the Orient™
                3 : Cup Head the Ball Head
                4 : Grapes Head Cockcomb Head
                Ref : E4/6

                The Four instruments /Six heads:Quantity$69.95 

                9. Never gets too hot to handle.

                10. Streamlined and ultra lightweight for ease of use.

                11. Virtually noiseless with an attachment and when in action.

                12. New specific and ergonomic shape created by a worldrenowned Swiss designer Manufactured for LPA-Po Box 143, 1225 Geneva Switzerland. Made in China. University tested (psycho sensory) in the USA. Full 1 year guarantee.

                13. Can be used to induce erection on men with the ball cup head under the tip of the penis.

                Content of the Version Top Deluxe : One sensual massager, 4 attachments, 6 heads, an interchangeable 12 foot tinsel cord with it's safety step down plug in converter (120V / 14V)

                EROSCILLATOR® 2 Top Deluxe :  Price: $182.95


                COSMETICS: Elisabeth Arden . LANCOME PARIS. Shiseido


                Quality is not expensive. It is Priceless !!!



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